The Hidden Gift of Great Leaders

Deep Well

It’s taken me a while to really get this, but I’ve come to learn that part of growing as both a pastor and follower of Jesus is learning how to suffer. I’m not referring to some aimless masochism or developing a steely heart. I’m talking about enduring pain, sometimes even devastating pain, and walking obediently anyways. The hidden gift of great people, and certainly great leaders, is the ability to tolerate pain in themselves and others.

It’s Jesus going on to Jerusalem knowing what awaits Him.

It’s Jesus saying, “if its possible, let this cup pass,” and drinking it anyway.

The Importance of Pain Tolerance in Leadership

Here is a 2-minute coaching video from the interactive leadership experience: Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock. The experience features interactive links, coaching video clips like this one, and nearly 10,000 words of text–all in an effort to enhance your capacity for vision. At present, Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock is available on iOS devices. Simply download the […]

Grow Green, pt. 2 – “Then Why Haven’t You?”

The issue for many congregations in decline or sensing a need for change often isn't a lack of knowledge regarding what to do. It is inaction brought by a lack of courage or ability to tolerate pain in either themselves or others–sometimes both. When a church reaches out to someone for help (a consultant, trusted […]