I try to stay current on what's going on. I believe it helps me minister more effectively and relevantly–and I find it interesting. Virtually every day, I spend a small chunk of time swinging by the web sites of the Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, FoxContinue Reading

I'm not sure I believe in human objectivity. I do believe that some humans try to be objective more than others do. I appreciate those folks. For the record, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, they are not entitled to feign objectivity when their opinion is not truly objective.Continue Reading

Remember when Christian theologians were concerned about an "unholy" alliance of church and "Empire." I do. It was just last year. From roughly 2004 through the election of 2008, I noticed a surge in articles, conferences, and books (largely academic) that expressed grave concern that America had been co-opted byContinue Reading