Are You Winning the Wrong Race?

There are many good races, but only one matters most

It doesn’t matter if you win a race if it is the wrong race. We cannot declare ourselves winners of a marathon for winning a boat race. It’s winning. It’s just winning at the wrong thing. Which is a form of losing. Most of us think we simply fail to reach our goals. Often, it […]


Happy New Year to everyone. It’s January 1, and that means it’s resolution time! Sociological bean-counters report that now barely one in three of us continue to make the traditional New Year’s Resolution. Our resolutions seem always to tend towards pushing the limits of our abilities, testing the strength of our self-denial. No wonder resolution-making […]

Things that Changed my 2010 and Maybe More – The Personal Stuff

I've always believed that reflecting on what happens helps me grow in my walk with Christ and establishes an environment for God to begin transforming "experience" into wisdom. Truthfully, 2010 will go down as a somewhat of a mixed bag for the Spiveys. There were immense challenges for us, but also some watershed blessings. If […]