Alive and Well…Sort Of

I want to thank so many of you for your love and support over the past few days. It's been an extremely difficult time for all involved as you might imagine. Nevertheless, I'm thankful to God for sustaining us through this time and giving us such a loving group of friends. I would ask your […]

My Resignation and New Ministry

Friday morning, the NCCC Elders received the resignation of the NCCC Finance Team. That resignation was followed by my own, as well as those of Peter Wilson (Worship Minister), DJ Iverson (Youth Minister) and Randy Armstrong (Minister of Administration and Small Groups). I'm sure it's obvious with that number of resignations at one time, there […]

Called by Fire, Led by Thunder

This Sunday, I get to kick off a new series on the life of Moses, entitled, "Called by Fire, Led by Thunder." Moses is, next to Jesus, my favorite biblical character with a nod to David, Joshua, and Joseph. Moses is such an authentic biblical character. He gets angry, frustrated, shows weakness, and great spurts […]