Friday Stream of Consciousness – 117

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday: I’ve spent a portion of this week at the North American Christian Convention in Indianapolis. It’s become one of my favorite weeks of the year—as thousands of Christians gather together for a week of spiritual renewal and connecting with each other. Some of my best friends in ministry […]

After Cincinnati – Reflections on NACC 2011

This past week I took a trip to the North American Christian Convention–the largest annual gathering of the Independent Christian Churches. I've written before, even recently, about my belief that the sectarianism that still separates Churches of Christ and Christian Churches is a sin we need to repent of. Thus, I won't reiterate this conviction […]

Live from Indy

I first came to the North American Christian Convention in 2006, to support the unity effort between Christian Churches and Churches of Christ on the 100th anniversary of the unofficial split of those two fellowships in 1906. I have come back every year since, in part because the program is quality, and I now have […]