How to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

I didn’t know I would become a preacher. I always had great respect for them. My father still preaches on a volunteer basis for the church I grew up in—and I think he’s fantastic at it. But, I always thought I would do something else. I thought I’d be a baseball player or a lawyer…perhaps start my […]

The Crucible of Leadership

“You can exercise and sustain personal leadership only to the extent of your capacity to bear pain. If you can bear only your own pain, then you can’t really lead. If you can respond to and bear only the pain of your family, then your family represents the full scope of your leadership potential. If, […]

Making Tough Church Budgeting Decisions

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If you have clear mission and roles for those involved in the budget process, making tough decisions about how to allocate the church’s resources is easier, but it’s still tough. All of the ministry a church is involved in is good. Saying no is difficult no matter what. However, wise churches will learn to say […]