The Missional Excuse

I’ve observed an occasional correlation between those trying to be “missional” and those frustrated with the internal turbulence in their congregation or own soul. Of course, not all churches suddenly trying to be missional have gridlocked leaderships or frustrated ministers–but many do. You can’t tell from what they write in books or articles. You can’t […]

The Spandex Rule

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Just because you should, doesn’t mean you can. Tis the season for resolutions and big hairy audacious goals—for churches as well. This is when we resolve to have 8,000 baptisms by February, raise 2 trillion dollars to fight world hunger and to hasten the Lord’s return with […]

It’s the Overflow

It’s popular these days to focus on getting the church “out of the building” to serve others.I’m all for it. Many churches spend too much time cloistered in holy huddle of sorts, off mission, and internally focused. However, there is another way we might be able to accomplish the same goal more effectively. There is another […]