I do.

That’s a rarer-than-it-should-be blessing in ministry. While it’s possible to serve the Lord with people you don’t really like, it’s rare that such a ministry partnership yields the best results. Even if you get equal results working with people you didn’t like–why would you want to do it that way? You’ll work twice as hard, and enjoy it half as much to get those results.

Winning streaks can ruin a church. Too much continual growth, too much peace, too much “vision.” I know this may sound weird, but too much of a good thing can kill us if we’re not careful. It’s not that “success” is bad for us or the Kingdom. It’s that we tend to forget the Lord over prolonged periods of blessing. When we forget the Lord, our ministry turn mechanical, our egos inflate, and we can become reckless with regards to righteousness.

Mealtimes are some of the most valuable and underutilized times in a pastor’s schedule. I think I sensed that intrinsically, but Keith Ferrazzi helped me understand its full importance in a book entitled, Never Eat Alone–and I would recommend it highly. He’s obviously coming at it from a corporate and networking standpoint. However, hisContinue Reading