Friday Stream of Consciousness – 125

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning: Well, in a real shocker, the government is trying to get a spending bill passed to prevent a shutdown. Question: If the government doesn’t operate by its budget and is going to run another trillion-dollar deficit…what difference does it make? You’d think by the rancor present in […]

Who Needs Accountability?

Everyone. However, we’ve really messed up this concept. We don’t hold people accountable in ways we should, and hold people “accountable” in counterproductive ways. Here are six ways to insure accountability is a blessing rather than too sparse or merely a different word for control. 1. Recognize and the “intrinsic” accountability already present–and align ministry there. For instance, when […]

Sticky Teams, pt. 2 – Respect and Friendship

In his book, Sticky Teams, Larry Osborne suggests three marks of a sticky team: Doctrinal unity, Respect and friendship, Philosophical unity. He nailed it. However, I wonder which of these is most important. I think you could make a really good argument for all three. However, the one that seems to undo churches the most are […]