Friday Stream of Consciousness – 11

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning: Admit it, Tim Tebow is getting better. Does that bother you? Why? This week I attended 2 events to promote the Pepperdine Lectures. One was Mike Cope’s welcome party in Los Angeles, the other was Jerry Rushford’s farewell tour in San Diego. Other than the […]

A Meeting on the Future of the Pepperdine Bible Lectures

Yesterday, Pepperdine University invited a group of Southern California ministers to a lunch and roundtable discussion of the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. I know about half of you who read this blog aren’t from Churches of Christ. You should know the Pepperdine Bible Lectures (which take place every May on Pepperdine’s beautiful Malibu campus) is the […]

Well Done, Pepperdine

In case you haven’t heard, Mike Cope will be replacing Jerry Rushford as Director of the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. I’m thrilled for Pepperdine and Churches of Christ–for several reasons: I’ve said before that the Pepperdine Lectures is on a completely different level as a national lecture program. It has just the right mix of elite […]