Friday Stream of Consciousness – 78

stream of consciousness

Here are some things Friday morning: The NFL Draft kicked off last night, and the big takeaway I had was that every “draft expert’s” is about as helpful in predicting the results of the draft as NCAA hoop expert’s bracket before the NCAA tournament. Heavy on the fun and light on the accuracy. Yesterday, the George […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 49

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

The first presidential debate went down, and Mitt Romney was the clear winner. I suppose we can debate the merits of debate in general. I actually kind of prefer them to TV ads that twist messages so badly. I like putting them both on the stage in front of America and asking them to speak for themselves and to one another.

New Ministry Resource – Pepperdine Ministry Workshops Online

For those of you interested in sharpening your ministry skills, Pepperdine University is beginning a new series of online ministry workshops you won’t want to miss. The workshops will take place LIVE online from 11:00AM – 11:30AM PST on the dates listed below. These multimedia presentations will be roughly 15-20 minutes with some Q & […]