Reaching Men


Now that Father’s Day 2012 is in the books, churches should consider ways in which we can better reach men going forward. I mentioned in a couple of Facebook group conversations an observation that churches tend to praise mothers on Mother’s Day and criticize men on Father’s Day.  I knew some might have some passionate […]

Friday Fun

I love using video in ministry. At NCCC, humorous videos are our speciality. Short ads for upcoming events is how we do it…referring regularly to the "crack video team" at NCCC. Here's an illustration of a couple of videos every church can do. Be creative…just a little effort can add a lot of fun and […]

Reaching Men, pt. 2

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of reaching men, and I began sharing some of what NCCC does to that effect. At the bottom of the post are links to MPTs web site, as well as to the ministry of 2 churches that I think do a fantastic job reaching men. Today continues yesterday's discussion. […]