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Here’s what’s on my mind this morning: Some of us really need to get over being offended about everything, every day, every hour. I think society might be better off if we strived not only to avoid offending one another…but we strived not to be offendable. Who knows—we might getContinue Reading

How much of what happens at church should be shared with our spouses? The short answer: What builds trust in marriage, and unity of heart in ministry.

Looking back, I did our young marriage no favors by sharing everything that happened at church with Emily. I would come home, and she would ask how my day was. My response on a bad day was to lay out all the frustrating or hurtful stuff that happened. My response on a good day was, “fine.” This influenced Emily’s view of the church and ministry as a whole—though she’s always had her own mind on the subject 🙂

This is still a work in progress, but, I’d like to think I’ve gotten a bit better at discerning what and how to share ministry with Emily. Here are some observations.

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Two spiritual practices have allowed me to stay in ministry for 17 years and still enjoy it. They won’t be found among the spiritual classics, other than through application of “classic” disciplines. However, ideas like “prayer,” “love”, “sabbath,” etc., still must be applied. It’s one thing to say “I should pray more.” It’s another to craft a doable plan for cultivating a more prayerful life. Here are two tangible ministry practices that have helped me weather extreme ministry storms.