The Truth Shall Make You Odd

Hospital Room

Recently, I’ve been reading a book called, The Truth Shall Make You Odd: Speaking with Pastoral Integrity in Awkward Situations, by Frank Honeycutt. There are several strengths to this book–such as writing style, fresh takes on familar texts, etc. However, it was the title of the book that drew me to it. Telling the truth […]

How to Bear False Witness – A User’s Manual

Which of the commandments is easiest to break? An argument can certainly be made for Sabbath observation. However, I think the most frequently broken commandment may be the ninth commandment, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” The other morning I heard a commercial for a business called “Reputation Defender.” The idea is […]

Telling the Truth, pt. 2 – Truth is the Greater Good

"If, like truth, the lie had but one face, we would be on better terms. For we would accept as certain the opposite of what the liar would say. But the reverse of truth has a hundred thousand faces and an infinite field." Sissela Bok Church leaders find often find themselves in situations in which […]