The Melody of Life

One of my favorite paintings is mural in Long Beach called, “The Melody of Life” by Trace Tres Fukuhara. It’s on the side of the Senior Citizen’s Center on 4th and Orange…where my family and home church have served Thanksgiving Dinner to those in need for the last 34 years. The themes and imagery for […]

Today is Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine's Day. If you didn't know that, you are probably male…and should probably stop reading this blog and figure out some way to show that special lady how special she is. Some men really dread Valentine's Day. If not kept in check, it can be one of those days that one feels the […]

Aivlis Street Time Machine

If L.A. and Orange counties had a child, he or she would look like Long Beach. If the neighborhoods of Long Beach had a child, it might look like Aivlis Street–a little serpentine interior street near El Dorado Park on the East Side. It's an honest street, full of teachers, cops, and middle-class families in […]