Here is a 2-minute coaching video from the interactive leadership experience: Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock. The experience features interactive links, coaching video clips like this one, and nearly 10,000 words of text–all in an effort to enhance your capacity for vision. At present, Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock is available onContinue Reading

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

There isn’t much on TV I actually watch. I watch sports, news, and comedy. No TV show has really captured my interest. Then again, I haven’t really tried any. Ideas?

I can’t wait until the election is over so I can respect some of my friends again 😉 Obviously, I respect them always, but wow, I’ve been surprised at their behavior.

In one of those random tweets, I asked if you were cold and hungry, would you rather have the world’s greatest burger, or the world’s best pizza? Pizza won nearly unanimously.

The good news for the church about the election is we can still be faithful and God can still move regardless of who is in the White House. God has a long history of working powerfully in spite of some real prizes occupying earthly thrones.

Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock - Tim Spivey

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new leadership experience I’ve authored, Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock: Asking Better/Different Questions to Get Breakthrough Ideas, in partnership with Leadership Network through the app Leadia.

Leadia is a mobile app from Leadership Network that combines concise innovative ideas, dynamic embedded media, and integrated social networking. It includes nearly 10,000 words of text, several short teaching videos, and the ability to interact with other readers via social media. Learn more about Leadia by clicking here.

I created this Leadia experience to help those suffering the ministry equivalent of “writer’s block.” I believe some ideas with the greatest potential to help the Kingdom advance can come from those who don’t consider themselves very imaginative, but even the most “creative” among us will need to break through imaginative gridlock at some point. My hope is this leadership experience can be a step forward in that process.

Here are some excerpts: