A Hazy Shade of Preaching

Do We Know What We're Trying to Say?

It surprises me how often I and my colleagues use language from the pulpit that we understand but few others can. Sometimes people can understand the words. They just don’t mean much. “Freedom,” “Grace,” “Love,” etc. are words we throw around and use frequently. We leave them to themselves, and the listener to understand what […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 42

stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning: On Twitter and Facebook, I asked, “Why are so many people afraid of clowns?” The response was striking. Lots of people are. I get snakes, spiders, heights and public speaking. I don’t get clowns. Weird. Speaking of clowns, Chad Johnson was rightfully released by the […]

When All Kingdom Breaks Loose

Hope light in darkness

Though I’ve read them all many times, I’m still filled with anticipation whenever I read through my Bible and hear any biblical writer (especially Jesus) say, “The Kingdom of God is Like…” I find that phrase unusually exhilarating and I know whatever follows is likely to be crucial Gospel that I need to hear. I […]