Things that Changed my 2010, part 1 – Books and Resources

The series on leadership and NVC updates will continue this week as well. However, it's also that time of year again…time for the "best of" lists. Here are some of the books and miscellany I enjoyed particularly this year. There are other books read, and other resources implemented, but these were some of my favorites. […]

Technology and Ministry – Ipad vs. Kindle

As promised, here is a brief comparison of the Kindle vs. the Ipad for the purposes of ministry.  Advantages of the Kindle over the Ipad: Price. Even the most upscale Kindle (DX) is cheaper than the cheapest IPad. Money makes a difference to ministers. Even if one opts out of the 3G model (I did), […]

Technology and Ministry, Part 1

Click here to read the opinion piece in the Christian Chronicle, entitled, "Will Facebook kill the Church?" It's a brief discussion of technology's potential impact on the church. I don't believe we should fear technology at all…though we need to be aware of it's potential impact on the spiritual formation and malformation of people, it's […]