Mind the Beast – The Dangerous Pursuit of Justice

Ethics and Scales of Justice

So many of our discussions about ” justice ” today are really discussions about what basic rights human beings possess. These are weighty, passionate discussions that must be had with enormous care. I am one who thinks good Christian people can disagree on lots of these issues and make a legitimate biblical case for their […]

Are Mary and Martha Fighting Again?

Recently, it seems en vogue to diminish the role of the Sunday assembly in the name of supposedly more Kingdom-oriented things. If you’ll allow me to caricature a bit–some churches see themselves as revolutionary by canceling Sunday services and heading out into their communities to serve–where the church will actually do someone some good–rather than […]

Just Thanksgiving

Near the corner of 4th and Orange in Long Beach, California, sits the Long Beach Seniors Center. 32 years ago, the Los Altos Church of Christ in Long Beach, California began serving Thanksgiving dinner to the lonely, tired, poor and forgotten Senior Citizens of Long Beach. I was four years old when we started. 32 […]