Why is Calvinism Back in Style?

I prepare nearly all of my sermons in the library of the local seminary. It’s a conservative, Reformed Seminary. As I prepare, I sometimes overhear conversations and people watch. Then, when I leave, I try to stay abreast of trends in church and theology. Between the two I feel like it can be said safely: […]

God Wins – A Review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, Part 3 – Scripture and Atonement

Someone asked me why I’m taking the time to do these reviews. My response was because belief matters to God and radically shapes life. What we believe matters. A lot. My purpose for writing these reviews is not to turn people against Rob Bell, certainly not to injure him personally. These posts are simply a […]

God Wins – A Review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, Part 2 – The Good

This is part two of three posts reviewing Love Wins by Rob Bell. I would encourage you to take time to read yesterday’s post for background. While I find Love Wins to be problematic at a number of levels, there are some critiques Rob Bell raises we should all take stock of. Such as: We […]