When People Speak Ill of You

That some will speak ill of you is one of life’s contants. It can come in several forms, but every human being will experience it. I’ve found many of those who consistently aim negativity toward others to be perennial offenders. This is to say, the same people cultivate much of the world’s negativity. Every now […]

Becoming a Beggar – A Christmas Reflection

A few weeks back, I had an amazing conversation with a trusted friend and mentor. While he would never admit it, he’s older (ssshhhhh…). He is currently battling cancer, which has certainly not diminished his insight or willingness to let younger turkeys like myself ask him questions about everything from church to good books to […]

Developing Your Church’s Lung Capacity

rain field

One trait of every healthy, growing church I’ve ever seen is what I call “lung capacity.” By lung capacity, I’m referring to the ability to do ministry at a level requiring endurance and sacrifice over an extended period of time. It’s vital we develop this in churches, because ministry is hard. It’s a joy, but it’s hard.

Churches (and pastors) that can get winded by any conflict, any challenge, or steep challenges over short time periods will struggle to grow healthily over time. There are three reasons for this: