stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday:

-I’d rather have a long meal at a good restaurant with Emily (my wife) than nearly anything else.
-To me, the best blogs are well written, have great content, and a clear sense of why people read it. I’ve been blogging for several years now, and I know how easy it is to get pulled off track.
-Having said that, it’s also a blogger’s prerogative to mix it up a bit–if for no other reason than to stir their own creativity. Long term, it’s probably a win for the readers.
-Do you think people can develop truly close relationships with people exclusively online–meaning, they’ve never met? I think so…with some hesitation.
-The new Junot Diaz book is out. I love his writing, despite the fact it’s content can get rather harsh at times. He knows how to tell difficult stories.
-If our opinion of the media continues to decline, where will we get news? To me, epistemology (how we know what we know) is going to be a fascinating field in the years to come.

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

It’s been another heavy week in America.

And now, for a tech-nerd moment: Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5 earlier this week. I’m an Apple guy through and through, until this change. It’s not really about the iPhone 5, but about Apple’s entire ecosystem which is high-control, and has jumped the customer service shark. It’s my casual observation they are falling into the same trap Microsoft/Windows fell into. It’s now becoming about the customer serving/buying Apple–when Apple used to be about providing the customer with products that would improve their life. If you pay close attention to where Apple skims the extra five bucks and locks you into their products only, it will nauseate you.