Friday Stream of Consciousness – 135

Featuring a Fainting Couch, FIFA, and Fondue

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning: Some of us really need to get over being offended about everything, every day, every hour. I think society might be better off if we strived not only to avoid offending one another…but we strived not to be offendable. Who knows—we might get somewhere and be a much […]

10 Quick & Practical Ministry Principles that Will Bless Your Church

Here are ten ministry axioms I received from Larry Osborne. I recently ran across notes from a talk by Larry Osborne, Senior Pastor of North Coast Church, entitled, “10 MINISTRY PLUMB LINES” (PRINCIPLES) FOR MINISTRY.” In my opinion, Larry is the smartest ministry “nuts and bolts” pastor on earth. His books are terrific (especially Sticky […]