Why All Pastors Should be Farmers


I’ve never been a farmer. Then again, I’ve been a farmer in training as long as I can remember. Let me explain:

Farmers understand how things grow. They are planted, watered, and harvested. They understand the organic process, and they understand what happens if they don’t plant, water, or harvest: they reap what they sow–nothing. There is both a steadiness and urgency to farming those in ministry need to understand. Just think about how often Jesus spoke of vines, fields, harvests, soil, seed, or wheat. He saw there are real similarities between how people grow and how nature grows.

On this Monday morning, there is one concept sticking with me from yesterday’s sermon: harvest.

When Things Get Really Rough

No hope

Most of the time, life doesn’t stink. But, sometimes it flat out does. The old Morton Salt axiom, “When it Rains, it Pours,” comes to mind. The kids are sick, the car breaks down, the boss bears down, the church devolves into turmoil, marriage is full of tension, your health fails, money is short–whatever there […]