Easter Weekend Meditation – 7 Stanzas for Easter

As we head into this weekend, reflect on these words from John Updike. His Seven Stanzas for Easter is a classic. Let’s not rob Easter of its magnificence. Make no mistake: if he rose at all It was as His body; If the cell’s dissolution did not reverse, the molecule reknit, The amino acids rekindle, […]

Why Should I Stay a Christian?

Stay or Go?

Occasionally, I take a look at the web searches that led people to this blog. I just find it interesting. One recent search I can’t get out of my head: “Why Should I Stay a Christian?” What a question! That got me thinking of how I might respond to that question. It strikes me that […]

3 Things Your Church Should Do This Easter

Easter at New Vintage Church

It’s Holy Week, meaning most churches are in turbo mode–planning, executing the plans, making more plans, and planning to have more plans. New Vintage Church is doing a lot of this sort of thing, as well. Nevertheless, on this Monday, we might all do well to remember the big picture. Easter presents unique opportunities for […]