The Blindest of Blind Spots

blindest spot

Christians rightfully take great comfort from: “if God is for us, who can be against us?” What a marvelous truth! Nevertheless, there can be danger in thinking God is always on our side. A good question for us to ask constantly is, “Are we blessable right now?” I’ve been surprised over the years at how […]

When Things Get Really Rough

No hope

Most of the time, life doesn’t stink. But, sometimes it flat out does. The old Morton Salt axiom, “When it Rains, it Pours,” comes to mind. The kids are sick, the car breaks down, the boss bears down, the church devolves into turmoil, marriage is full of tension, your health fails, money is short–whatever there […]

Better Sex, Part 4 – When You’ve Sinned Sexually

I'm not a flat view of sin (every sin is the same in God's eyes) guy because I don't think it holds up under biblical scrutiny. There is a greatest sin, and Paul singles out sexual sin as the only one that is a sin against one's own body. Sexual sin is destructive because it […]