It isn’t enough to simply do what you’ve been asked to do. That’s a given. Ministry staff teams must be cohesive units that execute ministry’s calling. I’ve observed that some churches emphasize “getting the job done” without looking at how to get the job done in a way that reinforces other church objectives…like cultivating team chemistry or building godly character. There’s no reason “getting the job done” has to be the only thing that happens when staff works on something–ever. The job will get done better and more consistently if those on a staff team like each other.

Mouth on Fire

The fastest way to ruin your staff team is to hire and tolerate people who gossip about or slander others–especially others on the team. Many staff problems stem from careless talk–an inappropriately revealed secret, an unkind word in a small group, a slow air leak of negativity. Occasional “tongue drift”Continue Reading