God Wins – A Review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, Part 3 – Scripture and Atonement

Someone asked me why I’m taking the time to do these reviews. My response was because belief matters to God and radically shapes life. What we believe matters. A lot. My purpose for writing these reviews is not to turn people against Rob Bell, certainly not to injure him personally. These posts are simply a […]

God Wins – A Review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, Part 1

I should say up front that I am a Rob Bell fan. Every now and then a communicator comes along that really alters the craft for the better. Rob Bell is one such communicator. He is creative. He blends humor, interesting facts, and some fresh insights into Scripture. I read Velvet Elvis and Sex God […]

Love Wins: Rob Bell, John Piper, and Upset Christian People

Over the weekend, quite a squabble started over Rob Bell’s forthcoming book, Love Wins—an ironic title considering the tone of those on both sides of the squabble. John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Josh Harris and others implied or stated directly through their tweets that Rob Bell had jumped the theological shark this time…that he had become […]