When the Well Runs Dry – Part 2

Realizing the well is dry is difficult to admit. It really isn’t difficult to recognize. It is difficult to admit. In yesterday’s part one of this miniseries, we defined the well as, “a way we can talk about our soul, psyche, and “sweet spot” of mind and spirit.” I would encourage you to read that […]

Productivity for Pastors – Know Thyself

Hands on inside of computer screen

I’ve struggled over the years to find new ways to be productive. I’ve always had a sense I could be working smarter, and thus have more time and mental bandwidth left over for things that matter. Perhaps that’s where you are. Or, maybe you feel a bit sluggish these days and could use a kick-start. […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 99

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday:

•The Jonathan Martin vs. Miami Dolphins scandal is one I’m following with great interest. People that haven’t played sports at a high level or been a part of a fraternity or sorority will always struggle with hazing—while those who endured it typically seek to propagate it. There is a “if I had to go through it, you should have to go through it,” mentality. The white-collar version of it is, “paying your dues.”
•Both Greeks and sports teams view “brotherhood development” as the aim behind hazing. I have to say, it’s not totally useless in that regard. But, most hazers refuse to admit the feeling of power and control they derive from it, and how that feeling makes them dangerous people when they are hazing others.