The Virtue of Not Changing


Some concerned about their church’s well-being also experience frustration with their church’s inability to change. This can indeed be a problem. It could be, though, that it’s a lack of consistency in what should stay the same that is the real issue. While chasing around what the church down the street is doing, a church […]

The Wisdom of the 20-Mile March

walking in snow

Churches that grow quite rapidly get a lot of press. They’re rare. I love studying such churches, and have no problem with anyone growing rapidly or “getting press” as a result. However, a much better, doable way to build a healthy church over the long haul is the through what Jim Collins and Morten Hansen […]

My Top 5 Books of 2011

We’re getting to the end of the year, and thus it’s time for everyone to start putting their “lists” out there. Not everyone enjoys these posts. I do. I like reading what others found to be particularly helpful, because it helps me get to know them a bit better and to cut through some of […]