The Obedient Pastor

Obedience Precedes Relevance

Most pastors I know have a more up-and-down devotional life than most church members think they do–but a deeper relationship to God than they themselves think they do. What any of us think isn’t the point. The point is that without our earnest pursuit of God’s heart in it’s vast entirety we will live and serve from […]

How to Work Without an Office – The Tools

For two years now, myself and the rest of the staff at New Vintage Church have worked with essentially no offices. While that may seem like a dream to many (it did to some of us at first), it certainly has it’s challenges. This is especially for those of us that are extroverts and/or have younger kids […]

My Friend, Necessity

We don’t like Necessity. I don’t know why. Necessity pushes us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise do. We create, we provide, we grind, we are at our best. True, we humans are sometimes at our worst because of Necessity–life can feel like the Hunger Games at times. For Christians, however, necessity is a friend because she leads us back to God.

When we don’t have any ideas, when the money is gone, when all seems lost, when stress chokes out all joy, Necessity is there–thank God, and she has brought out the best in me more than the worst. In fact, it’s the humility and drive necessity brings that has drawn me closer to God in my desperation. Toward God is always where a follower of Jesus wants to be.