Two Things You Must Have Before Asking People to Give


Few preachers look forward to the opportunity to ask the church for money. We don’t look forward to having our motives questioned, people getting irritable, or doing the “talk of shame” to encourage the church to give to meet budget. If that’s what we think happens in the process of asking the church for money, all of those things will happen–and they should. There is no vision or spirituality behind “the ask,” and the asker lacks personal conviction that encourages people to give.

Scream-Free Budgeting – Say Yes, First

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The budget season is one of the most dreaded times of the church year for ministers and elders because it’s often too long, quite ugly, and majors in the trivial. There are several reasons for budget madness. Among them: Some of the wrong people are making budget decisions, yielding poor results year after year. Unhealthy […]

Downsizing our Giving

The Barna Group has released a new study of the impact of recent economic events on giving and other behaviors. Click here to read the report. In summary, it says people have dramatically downsized their giving throughout the recent economic events–in some cases regardless of any real economic impact to them personally. In their interpretation […]