good friend

In both the brightest and darkest hours of my life and ministry, these friends have rejoiced with me, mourned with me, had my back, challenged me, and coached me. I’d like to think I’ve been that kind of friend to them in return. If I had to, I’d trade a thousand acquaintances for one of these true friends. True friends not only add real abundance to life, they allow us to follow God’s calling more faithfully. The reason is simple: The faithfulness of their friendship bolsters courage that might fail if we knew we would be truly alone for doing what God called us to do.

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning: We can tell who our real friends are by how they treat us when it’s not cool to be our friend. Adult friendship dynamics are simply an amplification and slight sophistication of the schoolyard. People will give to need, butContinue Reading