Reflections on “Greatness” or “Not Greatness” – Coach K, Andy Reid, and Don Nelson

This week has given opportunity for people to question the abilities and legacies of three great coaches. I call them great because they each exhibit a different form of greatness…or at least really, really goodness. Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles' job is now rumored to be in jeopardy. If Philadelphia chooses to can him, […]

Pickin’ Winners – the TimSpivey.Com Final 4 Picks and American Idol Rankings

First things first… Bracketology… Elite 8: Kansas, Duke, Pittsburgh, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Ohio State, Villanova, West Virginia Final Four: Kansas, Duke, Pittsburgh and Kentucky.  Final game = Kansas vs. Duke.  Duke wins it. Don't even try to debate it 🙂 I also have a tradition of picking my American Idol winner in the round of 12. […]