Stop Stressing

It's Easier than You Think


Stress is often misunderstood as something that derives simply from “work.” If someone complains about being stressed out, we might tell them to obey the Sabbath more faithfully and to take some time off to unwind. Those are both good suggestions. Nevertheless, we may be confused as to what actually winds us up so tightly […]

The Missional Excuse

I’ve observed an occasional correlation between those trying to be “missional” and those frustrated with the internal turbulence in their congregation or own soul. Of course, not all churches suddenly trying to be missional have gridlocked leaderships or frustrated ministers–but many do. You can’t tell from what they write in books or articles. You can’t […]

Turnaround Fellowship, part 1 – Leadership, part 1

This is the first installment in a series of blog posts, entitled, "Turnaround Fellowship." If you didn't read the last post, I would recommend doing so before reading subsequent posts. It will help you understand why and how these blog posts will be offered. The topic of leadership in Churches of Christ is so huge several books could […]