Could Your Church Use Some Good Luck?

lucky dice

Is there such a thing as luck? Some Christians say they don’t believe in luck. Some pastors lament, in their quiet moments, the good fortune of other churches while questioning why they haven’t received such blessing themselves. “How come they’re so lucky?” they wonder. By “luck” they are usually referring to some coincidence that happens […]

How to Be an Awesome Loser

No one wins all the time. In the church world, it’s even confusing to know what’s a win and what’s a loss. On our better days, we know what a win is–and we know it can sometimes look like a loss. Sometimes, though, we just don’t get it done. The idea doesn’t work. The offerings […]

Why Should I Stay a Christian?

Stay or Go?

Occasionally, I take a look at the web searches that led people to this blog. I just find it interesting. One recent search I can’t get out of my head: “Why Should I Stay a Christian?” What a question! That got me thinking of how I might respond to that question. It strikes me that […]