Empathy Isn’t Theology

"The Struggle is Real" Is Not Theology

good friend

When confronted with a clash between what one believes and what one feels experientially, it is increasingly common¬†to hear someone respond, “I use to believe that, until I met a…”, “Why don’t you get to know a…before you…,“ or, “We don’t have any right to say that if we haven’t walked in their shoes.” Such […]

Mind the Beast – The Dangerous Pursuit of Justice

Ethics and Scales of Justice

So many of our discussions about ” justice ” today are really discussions about what basic rights human beings possess. These are weighty, passionate discussions that must be had with enormous care. I am one who thinks good Christian people can disagree on lots of these issues and make a legitimate biblical case for their […]

“My Affair Saved My Marriage” – Say What?

The headline on MSN Live Today caught my attention: "My affair saved my marriage." Nice. The tagline beneath it read: Until she had an affair and they went to a therapist, her husband couldn't understand that his behavior was a major contributor to her straying. That counselor saved their relationship by reminding them how much […]