And So We Begin – New Vintage Church’s Official Launch

I put two pictures here. The one on the left is from NVC's very first gathering. It was in the same building, for that night only. Afterwards, we moved to the campus of Ranchland Church for a few months before returning to Hidden Valley Christian Church's campus for launch. On the left, we had 16 […]


Note: Turnaround Fellowship posts return tomorrow. Yesterday was a special day at NCCC. Normally, we are forced into four assemblies by our facility limitations. Yesterday, however, we were able to worship together as One Body. We worshiped at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, just across the street from where we normally gather. […]

Vision Sunday

This Sunday, North County is having its "Vision Sunday." It's important at least once a year for a church to be reminded of what it's doing and why. Our facility limits us to four services on Sunday mornings, so we are packing up for a day and moving across the street to the California Center […]