Climbing Out of Discouragement

We MUST orient our energies and ministry around health, not pathology. We must spend our focus, time, and missional energy on the spiritually growing rather than those who refuse to accept appropriate responsibility for their spiritual growth. Let me explain. It’s easy to spend most of one’s energy worrying about those who aren’t there, virtually […]

So, How Was Easter?

OK, so it’s the morning after the blessed¬†Easter typhoon hit your church. Share with us something good that happened in your church–a life change story, a point from a sermon you thought was particularly impactful, a breakthrough for your church. Share anything good. Consider the comment section a good news zone. Let’s hear it! I’ll […]

Do You Like Your Church?

stained glass

The minister’s sub-conscious is a powerful thing. Our ministry often reflects, subtly, what we really think of our church. Churches that thrive have ministers who love and like the church they serve. When talking with church leaders about how to help their church reverse a decline, sharpen focus, or re-vision for greater impact–the first step […]