“Do you trust me?” “Of course I do.” Really? Is there a more frequently mentioned, but more seldom tested virtue out there than trust? In most churches, trust is something we relish as a receiver, but seldom a giver. Most of us would choose to be trusted and to haveContinue Reading

We owe single people an apology…and a change. We’ve meant well, but we’ve been wrong. Single people are a treasure to the church and deserve equal status with those of us who are married and/or with children. Not all, but many churches pass them over for leadership opportunities, staff hires,Continue Reading

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday:

•Happy 100th weekaversary to this feature of New Vintage Leadership. This weekly column has actually been going longer than this, and ran for quite a while under different names for years before I made it a weekly feature.
•I started doing it for three reasons: 1) Fridays are good for lighter stuff. 2) I felt it proper to “let my guard down” some rather than just shooting off mini-manifestos. That gets old unless your N.T. Wright or something. I’m not. I’m a preacher who loves Jesus and His people. I love theology. I’m also a person who loves food, sports, and lots of coffee. 3) I needed a place to “park” thoughts I had that didn’t deserve an entire post. These are thoughts I haven’t processed all the way. I’m just starting to think about them. Deep thoughts…like… 🙂