Climbing Out of Discouragement

We MUST orient our energies and ministry around health, not pathology. We must spend our focus, time, and missional energy on the spiritually growing rather than those who refuse to accept appropriate responsibility for their spiritual growth. Let me explain. It’s easy to spend most of one’s energy worrying about those who aren’t there, virtually […]

Do You Enjoy Ministry?

Indulge me for just a moment:

Yesterday was such a great day of ministry I could barely go to sleep. I enjoyed it so much, I found myself saying, “I can’t believe I get to do this!” The praise was powerful, the church was dialed in from the get-go, we had a really powerful time of worship together, and the Gospel was preached. I thoroughly enjoyed ministry yesterday.

However, I found myself thinking of the days in times past where I had barely survived Sunday–and my heart went out to my fellow vineyard workers who had one of the worst weekends of their lives. They preached their last sermon at their church, got word they were no longer needed, or took a beating of biblical proportions. They were gossiped about, they had to talk their spouses and children into even attending, or they preached to a divided or pulseless church.

Let me ask you an important question this morning: Do you enjoy ministry? I don’t mean, “Did you enjoy yesterday?” I mean, in your Gut of Guts, do you really enjoy ministry?

Three Low-Grade Fevers Of Ministry & How to Cure Them

Low-Grade Fever Baby

Low-grade fever can make you sluggish, distracted, tired, and . Not completely. Just 10-20% more sluggish, distracted, tired, irritable. You notice it’s there, but you don’t take it seriously because you figure popping some Echinacea or a good night’s sleep will take care of it. Sometimes it does.¬†Often it doesn’t. Sometimes a low-grade fever is […]