Ending Cohabitation with Jesus

Deep Water Background

Though following Christ is a lifelong journey, it’s important that people make a decision, for Christ, for life. We instituted baptism Sundays at New Vintage Church roughly a year ago. About five times a year, we set aside a Sunday to baptize people and to focus on evangelism and re-commitment to Christ. This of course […]

So You Want to Change the World

No hope

We live in a time when being a “good” person seems to be the new aim. It may not bother us that our “good” isn’t really that good compared to the righteousness of God…or that it can be rather fickle. Today, in all our pursuit of a faith that actually “does something” or impacts our world in a positive way, it seems doing good is becoming the new Gospel–rather than Gospel leading to a life of doing good by Christ’s power and including evangelism.

Is Generosity a Sign of Spiritual Maturity?

two rocks

And now, for our controversial post of the week 🙂 The subject of money is inappropriately taboo in some churches. Preachers feel awkward talking about it, Christians feel awkward listening to it, and often the result is a lack of teaching on this vital aspect of discipleship. Jesus obviously speaks of it often. He says […]