When People Speak Ill of You

That some will speak ill of you is one of life’s contants. It can come in several forms, but every human being will experience it. I’ve found many of those who consistently aim negativity toward others to be perennial offenders. This is to say, the same people cultivate much of the world’s negativity. Every now […]


The word “critical” has several differing meanings. On the positive side, it can mean, “involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, etc.” In this sense, all people should strive to be critical thinkers, critical theologians. However, it is the primary meaning or sense of critical that must be avoided: “inclined to find fault or to judge with severity, often too readily.” There is nothing virtuous about this second sense. Second-sense criticism is […]

Pastoring the Pastor, pt. 3 – Practical Suggestions

Once the church and the pastor resolve to be spiritually healthy and mutually supportive, the next questions are, what specific ways can this take place? Each of these could easily be its own post: but I list some quick ideas in addition to those listed in the first post below. I'd love to hear yours […]