There are at least 3 seasons of ministry. The first is when everything is outstanding. The second is when everything is terrible. The third is when everything is somewhere in between. This third season is typically the longest and the one in which we serve most of the time. WhenContinue Reading

One of my mentors, the late Dr. Charles Siburt used to ask churches he consulted with the question, “Why haven’t you?” This in response to the excuses we make for why we haven’t done this or that.

“We can make any change we need to and the church will be fine with it.”

“We could grow that way too, if we wanted to.”

“We can make a change on staff if we need to.”

Really? Then, why haven’t you?

I’ve asked that question in the same settings and found the answer to the question can be found, typically in one of two places: 1) it would be too much work, or 2) Fear.