Consistent is Better than Extraordinary

[Note: Yesterday, we concluded a message series at New Vintage Church, entitled, Ordinary: A Contrarian’s Guide to a New Year]. In doing routine blog maintenance I stumbled across this post from January 2014. I guess the germ of that series was brewing in me for a year 🙂  I’d forgotten I’d written this. Here it […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 121

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning: The NFL season is underway. I enjoy watching football, but I LOVE fantasy football season. Yep, I’m that big of a dork. Having said that, I would take watching a baseball game over an NFL game, live. And I’d take a college football game over an NFL […]

Stay out of the Bubble

Vision must be “grounded.” It’s easy to lose touch with ordinary people if one is in an isolated community (like academia) or if one spends too much of one’s time reading blogs, books, articles, etc. One reason so many terrible prognostications occur in the realm of ministry is because we read too much and exist […]