Feed the River

Does your church system have retention ponds…those ministries that operate completely on their own—the proverbial church within a church? These ministries typically create their own mission and thus hold water that could be used downstream—but instead gathers mosquitoes and grows stagnant with time. Those who hold claim to it love to swim in it, but because it doesn’t feed the river. Thus, it becomes unhealthy and self-absorbed. It exists for its own vision…to stay the way it is—or provide a mini-kingdom for some tribe of the congregation.

Why Freedom in Ministry Makes Sense

Fish out of water

In honor of Independence Day, this week’s posts will have to do with the concept of freedom in ministry. This post is the first installment. Churches make a mistake when they think either money or the “status” of working at their church is enough to attract, maintain, and gel quality staff year after year. It […]

How Does Jesus Lead His Church?

Who actually leads your church? I had this discussion with a Brother last week at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. I'd love for you to jump in. Theologically, Jesus leads the Church–unquestionably. I hope we all agree on that. What I mean here is, how does Jesus in fact lead your local congregation? Through whom? How? […]