The Monday Rule


The simple implementation of the Monday rule can change the climate of your church for the better significantly. NVC has worked, unofficially, at creating a “Monday Rule” culture. We’ve never stated it¬†officially, but is understood by most of our people nonetheless because we have encouraged it from our beginning. Staff abides by it, as well. […]

The 85 Cent Principle


Recently, I went to a vending machine to purchase a snack. The Twix bar in slot B-3 was calling my name. It cost eighty-five cents. “Eighty-five cents?” I thought. What an odd price for a vending machine. Usually it’s fifty cents, seventy-five cents, or a dollar. I realized if I bought the Twix I had […]

What’s the Habitat?


Our churches are habitats. By this, I mean we create a particular environment in which certain kinds of people can thrive. Others can survive in it. Others can’t at all. The desert is great for scorpions and snakes. It’s bad for polar bears. You’ve created a habitat through your vision, mission, systems and “vibe” you […]