stream of consciousness

Yes, I know these humble posts are usually scheduled for Fridays. However, last week was good, but insane from ministry perspective. So, I’m posting Stream of Consciousness on Monday. Sorry for the 3 day delay, but the blog was made for man, not man for the blog.

Here are some things on my mind this Monday morning:

–We baptized our beautiful daughter, Anna, yesterday morning. Of all my dad moments, it’s is unquestionably on the Mt. Rushmore. Anna is a born worshiper. God filled her soul with music and praise when He knit her together in her mother’s womb. I can’t wait to see what He’ll do with her in the years ahead.

´╗┐When your church has to make spending cuts (and all churches will at some point), choose wisely. By wisely, I mean don’t make cuts that offer low ROC (return on cut). Let me explain.

The primary reason go into an IHOP is for the Cinn-a-stack pancakes. If I could do without those, I would rarely eat at IHOP. Here’s why: there are two things they do that ding my breakfast experience there.


So, how’s your church budget doing this year? It’s March now, which means it’s also a good time to look at church finances. You can probably already tell what kind of start the church is off too. Granted, January and February are not strong months for offerings, historically. However, you can take this into account as you look at what kind of January and February the church has had–and make some adjustments. If you’re off to a better year than anticipated, praise God. If you aren’t, praise God anyway, and make a small tweak or two now. It will save you much greater pain down the road.