“The single most important thing great companies did that good companies didn’t was make superb people decisions.” That was from Jim Collins at the Catalyst West conference last week. Collins is one of my favorite…OK, my favorite, author on leadership from a business perspective. The research his team has done over the years has changed even the everyday language of leadership for many.

While not everything Collins says from a business perspective should be used in churches, that statement can. At a strategic level, nothing matters more than using good judgment in people decisions. So, I’ve compiled a list of five huge staffing mistakes either I or people I know have made. Avoiding these will help your church immensely:

Risk is usually called, “stepping out on faith,” in church. That’s a shame, because they aren’t the same thing. There is such a thing as stepping out on faith. It’s just not the same as taking faith-based risks that make common sense. For instance, “stepping out on faith” might mean a church aspires to a particular goal or vision God has for them that will require stretching and perhaps some risk. There has been a season of spiritual discernment, and such decisions usually take time to make.

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Here are some things on my mind this Friday: As the summer hits, I’m going to include some personal notes in this week’s edition. It’s interesting how often I hear, when discussing volatile issues of our time with Christians (even pastors), the phrase, “I just feel…” or “I just think…”Continue Reading