Here’s to the Change Agents

Martin Luther

Today, I say, “Here’s to the change agents!” Today isn’t just Halloween. It’s Reformation Day–the day many in the the Church at-large celebrate Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 theses to the door at All Saints Church in Wittenberg.

For those who’ve grown up in the Restoration Movement, as I have, the Protestant Reformation hasn’t always been given it’s due. Despite their own roots in the Stone-Campbell tradition of changing the Church through primitivism, many in the Restoration Movement have used “change agent” as a slur. This isn’t to say Restoration churches never change. Actually–I am sort of saying that. I’d also suggest change agents (there’s that dirty moniker again) have a hard time surviving in our particular tribe. This, despite the fact that Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell were change agents in their own right.


Slow is Not Always a Virtue

You’ve heard it said, “When making changes in churches, always go slow.” I agree with that much of time. Unless… We think slow means thorough. You can be slow and not thorough. You can move more quickly and be thorough – like a paramedic. We think slow means we were careful. You can be slow […]